At Kleve Penal Institution, all visits are subject to prior telephone arrangement between the visitor and the Visitors’ Department.

Tel. No. of the Visitors’ Department: +49 2821 770-120

As a rule, a visitor’s permit from the responsible Public Prosecutor or Judge is not required.

A convicted prisoner may be visited for 2 hours in a month, a period of time that may be split up into one or two visits. As a rule, each group of visitors counts at most 5 persons.

Only in justified exceptions and after prior written or telephone arrangement with the Visitors’ Department, may exceptions be made to this ruling.

Visiting hours at JVA Kleve are:

Monday - Tuesday
from 8.30h to 15.45h
from 13.15h to 20.30h
Thursday - Friday
from 8.30h to 15.45h

Visitors may only bring items for the prisoners if they have the necessary permit. Non-approved items will not be allowed. In general, it is not permitted to hand over foodstuffs and consumable stimulants.

Before the visit, the maximum equivalent of 5 packs of tobacco per month may be purchased from the Institution’s tobacco and sweet vending machines and handed to the prisoner.

It is also possible to purchase drinks from the drink vending machines (there is no restriction on quantity). However, the drinks must be consumed during the course of the visit. Drinks may not be taken into prison premises.

It is only possible to deposit money on the account of prisoners at the first visit. After this, money may only be deposited by bank transfer; the Visitors’ Department has the necessary transfer forms.